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At Commellini Estate we have a new obsession with “naked” cakes. So we decided to do a bit of research and give you the skinny on the Naked Cake.

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For those of you who don’t know, naked cakes are those that go without frosting around the sides of the cake.  The appeal of these cakes is in the natural, uncovered beauty of the spongy sweet goodness of the cake itself.  Naked cakes tend to have a more natural, rustic, and organic feel, which is perfect for those couples that would rather do without the sugared flowers and gum paste.  Naked cakes are best accented with more natural elements like fresh flowers, fruit, pinecones, lavender, and rosemary. There is a limitless amount of creative elements that can be put together, which means that these frosting-shed cakes can easily transcend a number of different event themes & styles!

Naked Cake

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The real beauty of the naked cake is the feelings that they evoke.  There is something utterly wonderful, homey, and downright comfortable about these rustic natural-looking cakes.  There is a certain honesty to them.  They are what they are and they are beautiful without needing to be covered in fondant or doused in sugar works.  These elements most certainly have their time and their place, but bare cakes offer a realness that offers a beauty of its own.

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The focus of a naked cake isn’t the garnishes, therefore, you will want to choose your flavors and filling a bit more carefully because they are going to determine what your cake will look like.  Smooth lines are key to this type of cake and there is no layer of frosting to cover up any runny raspberry jam, so choose fillings wisely.

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Here at Commellini Estate we are loving this divine naked cake trend. These elegant cakes can work their magic as the center of the most sophisticated of events to the most rustic vintage affairs.  We believe the naked cake is here to stay.

Naked Cake Source 1, Source 2

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