Wedding Trends of 2015

Even though Spokane is still in the midst of winter, it is never to early to be planning ahead of what you want your wedding to look like. I have done my research and come up with a variety trends that I believe will be popular in 2015. This list will cover the colors and styles that are incorporated in the wedding, as well as smaller details that are implemented to make your wedding as a whole a beautiful event.

Remember that if you choose to book your wedding through Commellini Estate, all linens, glasswear, and use of decorations comes with your venue fee. You are free to choose what you would like, or bring whatever you want in. If you decide to use the decor that Commellini has available, that will be set up by our staff so you can spend less time prepping the venue the day of your wedding, and more time pampering yourself. Let us help create the wedding you are envisioning!


During the New York Fashion Week in September 2014, they announced┬ácolors they think will be showing up in the Spring of 2015. These colors are drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the outdoors. None of the colors are very bright, but they also aren’t considered pastels, but a mix in the middle. Then, there are hints of metallic colors. The metallic will be more focused on decor and lighting. This includes gold and copper, bringing in warmth to the other happy colors. They are all soft tones, perfect for an ethereal feel.

Themes and Decor

When it comes to decor, we see outdoor, rustic inspiration. Plenty of people are beginning to have their ceremony and receptions outdoors because the natural beauty around us is decoration enough. It is just a matter of livening up the plants and trees and getting them to match the theme of your wedding. With lighting, you can brighten up an evening event with twinkle lights or orbs that hang from the trees.


When it comes to the bridal gown, there are lots of fashion choices being made. Because florals are such a statement piece of decor in 2015, the flowers are making their way onto the dresses. In the lace aspects of the dress we see florals designed into them. This adds a very romantic touch and brings more detail to the dress itself. We are also seeing more shoulder gowns that are either slightly off the shoulder, or on.

As for the bridesmaids gowns, these are becoming more unique. Bridesmaids are now wearing dresses that fits the theme of your wedding, or is outfitted for the bridesmaid herself. Dresses of different style, color, or pattern are making appearances. This allows the bridal party to make more of a selection themselves while still keeping the bride happy.


Since the colors are being inspired from the outdoors, it isn’t a surprise that the themes are also pulling from the earth. You don’t have to love the outdoors to like some of these ideas. Lots of florals and plants are being incorporated into a wedding to just be decorations themselves. Any sort of plant brings a freshness to an event, regardless if your wedding is indoors or outdoors.

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Think simple, chic, and easy to share. Instead of having a large buffet, or plates of food handed out, opt for an appetizer bar. This allows guests to wander up whenever they like, and take what they would like. Plus they are able to control the portions they want allotted to them. With small bites, you can spend more time mingling with guests, and less sitting down at a meal. This provides a more casual environment. With a food table designed like this, you can really make your appetizers stand out in unique ways. This gives your guests something to admire instead of having a regular old food table.



Cake is great, but why not have your favorite dessert instead? More and more people are dropping the cake idea and serving a dessert they like. Oftentimes a small cake is brought in for the bride and groom to cut for traditions sake, but other desserts are served to the guest. This could include whatever you desire, but pie, doughnuts, and macaroons have been popping up. This adds a personal touch to your wedding and often surprises guests who are expecting a cake for dessert. Another reason for serving a different dessert is to cater to those who prefer gluten free or vegan desserts.

If you liked any of these wedding trends of 2015, come visit Commellini Estate for a tour and visualize your wedding at our venue. We have a variety of spaces that can work to fit any of your needs.

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