The Proposal Story:

You’ve likely already read the rambling tale of our relationship, and since you have video evidence of this proposal, we’ll keep this part short and sweet. This day was a long time coming, just ask Desiree! Emilio decided to fly from Portland to Spokane, unbeknownst to Desiree, in order to surprise her. The first step was having her mom, Lauri, schedule plans with her for Saturday afternoon only to have these plans derailed with the cleverly disguised ruse that there was a water leak at Commellini Estate which required Desiree’s immediate attention. So, concerned about the potential disaster awaiting her, she walks into the room to find a table with her favorite flowers, photos from throughout our relationship, and a letter. As she reads the letter,one of our favorite songs starts playing, triggered by Damiano who is tucked away in hiding with Emilio and his brother Scott. Out comes Emilio when the time is right and the rest is history.
Feel free to ask Scott, Damiano, or Emilio about all of the last minute hurdles they had to overcome to get this all to come together!