The Basics:

What to Wear?

The official “dress-code” for the event is semi formal, but we are sure that anything you may want to wear will be great, just as long as it’s not a long white wedding dress. If you’re like Emilio, you have to google what exactly is meant by “semi-formal” and the dress code rules are always a little nebulous (I mean come on, does anyone really even know what “smart casual” is?). In regards to semi-formal,  for women this tends to be a short afternoon or cocktail dress, a long dressy skirt, or something similar. For men, the strict definition is a dark suit or some combination or a jacket and tie. However, there will be no bouncer at the door, and a tie and jacket are definitely not required. Wear whatever feels right and whatever will allow for some quality dance moves later in the evening.

An important note, the ceremony and reception will be outdoors, and while there will be some outdoor heaters, we recommend bringing a light sweater or jacket. As well, just a heads up that the ceremony space is more forest than anything, and there will be a bit of a walk down some soft and slightly uneven ground to get there, so keep this in mind when selecting footwear for the evening as high heels may be somewhat of a challenge.  

How about the Food?

In case you hadn’t already guessed, we are both Italian, and therefore food is a central part of our culture and will play a prominent role in the day. You can expect a traditional Italian dinner served buffet style with some light appetizers in advance. We will have gluten alternatives and vegetarian options, just be sure to request these from the Buffet Attendant as we are not collecting dietary preferences in advance.


Never fear, as food is important, so is drink. We will have hosted options for beer and wine, as well as a few signature cocktails we handpicked for the day. But if your tastes are more specialized and it’s top shelf or bust, Commellini Estate does offer a full bar so alternatives to our hosted options will be available for purchase. The venue does also offer a wide array of non-alcoholic beverages including Italian Sodas.

End of the Night Rides?

We hope you’ll stay with us for the duration of the evening and all of the fun the night has to offer, but we realize that all great parties must at some point come to an end. Commellini Estate is located in North Spokane, and guests will likely be staying all over the city. If you have not pre-arranged a designated driver or other transportation, our best recommendation is to utilize Uber or Lyft if you plan to dance the night away with us (which is highly encouraged!).

When is the RSVP Deadline?

We understand life is busy and it is easy for invites to get lost in the shuffle, but it would be wonderful if you could please RSVP by August 16th, 2017 so we can get an accurate headcount and ensure a great night for all!

Can I Bring a Date?

We truly wish we could have an open door policy for the big day, but as space is tight, please see your invite for your +1! 

Are Kids Welcome?

We love all of the kids in your lives and truly wish we could accommodate everyone, but as our wedding is mostly an evening event and we are are having a huge party, we kindly request that only kiddos of family members be present. 

Whom should I call with Questions?

Between now and the wedding day feel free to contact Desiree or Emilio. However, as on the day of the wedding we will be a bit busy, please call either Desiree’s Maid of Honor, Dominique, at 509-939-3292, or Emilio’s Best Man, Scott,  at 509-999-7789.