Team Roster

Organized By Birthday

Amanda Aton (Event Coordinator)

Team Member Since: June 2020


Personality Type:  The Campaigner 

Personality Role:

Personality Strategy:


Favorite Candy/Dessert:

Favorite Beverage:

3 Random Facts:

Brief Bio: I attend Grand Canyon University and have explored my love of adventuring and traveling

Amelia Ferrel  (Event Staff)

Team Member Since: August 2019

Birthday:  March 26

Personality Type: The Defender

Introverted – 71%, Observant – 54%, Feeling – 79%, Judging – 67%, Turbulent – 51%

Personality Role:  Sentinel

Personality Strategy:  Constant Improvement

Hobbies: Competitive swimming, hiking/backpacking, cooking and baking, writing

Favorite Candy/Dessert:  Cake & ice cream (any and all)

Favorite Beverage: Iced coffee

3 Random Facts:   I’m also a dietitian and swim coach; have a large but cuddly boxer/mastiff named Bailey Boo (although was a cat person before acquiring an allergic husband and stepdaughter!); last adventure was a bike trip in Ireland.

Brief Bio:  I recently moved from Seattle to Spokane, where I went to high school and college (go Zags!) Before that I worked and went to school in Oregon and Colorado. Colorado was my favorite, but being close to family is worth a little less sun. Excited to be back!

Connor Foster (Lead)

Team Member Since: August 2018

Birthday:  March 5

Personality Type: The Campaigner

Extraverted – 65%, Intuitive – 55%, Feeling – 63%, Prospecting – 54%, Assertive – 63%

Personality Role:  Diplomat

Personality Strategy:  People Mastery

Hobbies: Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, hanging with friends, and working in my shop.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Reese peanut butter cups

Favorite Beverage: Red Bull

3 Random Facts:  1. I have a unconditional love for riding motorcycles 2. I am the youngest (but definitely the most mature sibling) 3. I binge watch Netflix
too often.

Brief Bio: Born in Port Orchard, moved to Spokane in 2013.

Tanner Kissinger (Bar Manager)

Team Member Since: September 2016

Birthday: 5/20

Personality Type: The Commander

Extraverted – 64%, Intuitive – 55%, Thinking – 68%, Judging – 67%, Assertive – 72%

Personality Role:  Analyst
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: Playing sports (basketball, football, golf, Pretty much anything), hiking, traveling, seeing/doing things for the first time, reading.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: sour candy and simple cheesecake

Favorite Beverage:   water and gatorade are my most drank beverages, also a fan of cold beer

3 Random Facts:  Played 2 years of jr college basketball, I am partially color blind, Im fascinated with computer science and how computers work.

Brief Bio: Born and raised in spokane washington and graduated from Mt spokane high school in 2013. My entire life has always been centered around sports until two years ago. I am now an EWU student.

Marina Purdie (Event Coordinator) 

Team Member Since: August 2020

Birthday: 6/14

Personality Type: The Consul

Extraverted – 76%, Observant – 86%, Feeling – 54%, Judging – 69%, Assertive – 76%

Personality Role: Sentinel
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: reading, cooking, hiking

Favorite Candy/Dessert:  cupcakes from my hometown Food Co-op

Favorite Beverage:  Pepsi

3 Random Facts:   1. I have two sisters that are twins and I love them a whole lot. 2. I was very involved in theater as a kid. 3. I’ve been to Spain, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Brief Bio: I am originally from Bellingham, WA but was born in Columbia, MO. I am very close to my family and most of them live in Washington. I am graduating this year from Gonzaga University with a degree in Marketing and HR.

Kathy Danforth (Office Assistant) 

Team Member Since: July 2018

Birthday: 6/21

Personality Type: The Consul

Extraverted – 99%, Observant – 76%, Feeling – 81%, Judging – 92%, Assertive – 93%

Personality Role: Sentinel
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: Grandchildren, golf, scrapbooking

Favorite Candy/Dessert:  Tiramisu

Favorite Beverage:  Red wine

3 Random Facts:   1.  Play violin 2. married for 44 years 3.  I have 7 grandchildre

Brief Bio: I just retired from working at SHMC for 44 years.  I have 3 years of college – didn’t finish college to marry the love of my life.  I have 3 children who all live within driving distance (albeit a long drive).  2 Boys – Alan & Greg and 1 daughter Amanda.  I love playing golf, dinner with friends, and spending time with every one of our grandchildren

Team member since: July 2021

Birthday: 8-15

Personality type: Protagonist Extrovert 56% Intuitive 51%

Personality roll: Diplomat Feelings 67%. Judging 68%

Strategy: People mastery Assertive 71%

Hobbies / likes: Kundalini yoga- basking in the glory that is Mother Nature – a good read – great meal – music

Favorite candy / Dessert: Depending on season, temperate and intuition

Favorite beverage: Mexican hot chocolate

Random Facts: 1) one of the first chefs to be hired by the Seattle Seahawks 2) have prepared meals for the Prince and Princess of Dubai 3) first concert was Oingo Biongo opening for the Police at the Greek theatre ( if you know who these bands are you may be old )

Bio: born and raised in Southern California – moved to Spokane in the 90’s – 🤷‍♂️

Desiree Seghetti-Sulpizio (Owner) 

Team Member Since: January 2009

Birthday: 10/12

Personality Type: Commander

Extraverted – 63%, Intuitive – 56%, Thinking – 55%, Judging – 56%, Turbulent – 74%.

Personality Role: Analyst
Personality Strategy: Social Engagement

Hobbies: Hiking, Backpacking, Running, Soccer or playing almost any sport, Thrift Shopping (hello Goodwill!), and traveling as much as possible.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Not a big candy person beside Happy Hippos, gum (which is my vice) but I love FroYo and anything with Nutella.

Favorite Beverage: Currently on a Kombucha kick.

3 Random Facts: 1. I got married at Commellini’s in September 2017. 2. I have a dog named Bruce Wayne, who is a rescue and an absolute monster. 3. When I was a kid I thought I would be a Microbiologist.

Brief Bio: Born in Spokane, WA. Attended Mead High School. Graduated from University of Washington. I currently work for Commellini’s remotely in San Diego, CA.

Lauri Seghetti (Owner) 

Team Member Since:  September 2008

Birthday: 11/10

Personality Type: The Protaganist

Extraverted – 87%, Intuitive – 58%, Feeling – 52%, Judging – 98%, Assertive – 58%

Personality Role: Diplomate
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: Hiking, walking the dog, painting, time with family, and listening to business/entrepreneurial podcasts.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Homemade gooey chocolate chip cookie.

Favorite Beverage: Chai Tea with vanilla creamer or Good Earth Spicy Tea.

3 Random Facts: 1. Married my High School sweetheart. 2. Ran and Interior Design company for 16 years. 3. I have a passion for fashion re-selling/marketing.

Brief Bio: Born in Pasco, WA and moved every 3 years back and forth between Spokane and the Tri Cities. Graduated from Mead High School. After a few years of traveling to remote cities, for my husband’s job, we settled in to Spokane to raise our family.

Jeremiah Colladay (Dish Pit Master)

Team Member Since: December 2013

Birthday: 12/02

Personality Type: The Mediator 

Introverted – 60%, Intuitive – 80%, Feeling – 76%, Prospecting – 65%, Turbulent – 65%

Personality Role: Diplomat
Personality Strategy: Constant Improvement

Hobbies: Playing Guitar and drums, drawing, creating/making/building, learning new hobbies, camping, traveling, wake boarding

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Erin’s homemade chocolate cake with brown butter vanilla frosting. Rocks my socks!

Favorite Beverage: Coffeeeee

3 Random Facts:  Haven’t had a haircut in 12 years, I once hugged a manatee while swimming in a fresh water spring, and I rode a real bull in Texas.

Brief Bio:  Born in Dallas, Texas. moved around a lot until 2013 when I found my new home in Spokane WA. I got married in 2011and started a leather business in 2016.

Jordan Nichols (Event Staff)

Team Member Since:  February 2018 (also worked the summer of 2013)

Birthday: 12/20

Personality Type: The Consul ESFJ-A

Extraverted – 65%, Observant – 73%, Feeling 68%, Judging -75%, Assertive 57%

Personality Role: Sentinel
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: Running, Binge watching TV Shows with my husband, taking a million pictures of my baby

Favorite Candy/Dessert: There isn’t many sweets I turn down, but Vanilla Moose Tracks could be considered a favorite of the favorites.

Favorite Beverage: Iced coffee of many varieties. Also will never turn down a Lemon Drop.

3 Random Facts:  1) I’m two years older than my husband 2) I used to teach special ed and I MISS my kids 3) I can’t have the TV volume on an odd number

Brief Bio:  Spokane born and raised, went to Mead High School, graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Special Education. Dated my husband for four years then got married July 2014. Taught special ed for five years and quit my job to be a stay-at-home momma to our baby girl Jubilee in February 2017..