Team Roster

Organized By Birthday

Nicole Cook (Front of House Manager)

Team Member Since: August 2022


Personality Type: Architect (INTJ-T)

Introverted – 58%, Intuitive – 59%, Thinking – 62%, Judging – 79%, Turbulent – 53%

Personality Role:  Analyst

Personality Strategy:  Constant Improvement

Hobbies: drawing, beading, spending time with my kiddos

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Reeses

Favorite Beverage: Red Bull or Coffee

3 Random Facts:

I was a junior olympic gymnast for 10 years.

I hate cooking, but love food

I am a twin mama

Brief Bio:

I have lived in Spokane my whole life. I have 13 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry working in hotels, casinos, restaurants, and cardrooms. I take pride in what I do whether it is at home or work. I have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls, and a dog named Coco.

Kathy Danforth (Historical Guide) 

Team Member Since: July 2018

Birthday: 6/21

Personality Type: The Consul

Extraverted – 99%, Observant – 76%, Feeling – 81%, Judging – 92%, Assertive – 93%

Personality Role: Sentinel
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: Grandchildren, golf, scrapbooking

Favorite Candy/Dessert:  Tiramisu

Favorite Beverage:  Red wine

3 Random Facts:   1.  Play violin 2. married for 44 years 3.  I have 7 grandchildre

Brief Bio: I just retired from working at SHMC for 44 years.  I have 3 years of college – didn’t finish college to marry the love of my life.  I have 3 children who all live within driving distance (albeit a long drive).  2 Boys – Alan & Greg and 1 daughter Amanda.  I love playing golf, dinner with friends, and spending time with every one of our grandchildren

Desiree Seghetti-Sulpizio (Owner) 

Team Member Since: January 2009

Birthday: 10/12

Personality Type: Commander

Extraverted – 63%, Intuitive – 56%, Thinking – 55%, Judging – 56%, Turbulent – 74%.

Personality Role: Analyst
Personality Strategy: Social Engagement

Hobbies: Hiking, Backpacking, Running, Soccer or playing almost any sport, Thrift Shopping (hello Goodwill!), and traveling as much as possible.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Not a big candy person beside Happy Hippos, gum (which is my vice) but I love FroYo and anything with Nutella.

Favorite Beverage: Currently on a Kombucha kick.

3 Random Facts: 1. I got married at Commellini’s in September 2017. 2. I have a dog named Bruce Wayne, who is a rescue and an absolute monster. 3. When I was a kid I thought I would be a Microbiologist.

Brief Bio: Born in Spokane, WA. Attended Mead High School. Graduated from University of Washington. I currently work for Commellini’s remotely in San Diego, CA.

Connor Foster (Lead)

Team Member Since: August 2018

Birthday:  March 5

Personality Type: The Campaigner

Extraverted – 65%, Intuitive – 55%, Feeling – 63%, Prospecting – 54%, Assertive – 63%

Personality Role:  Diplomat

Personality Strategy:  People Mastery

Hobbies: Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, hanging with friends, and working in my shop.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Reese peanut butter cups

Favorite Beverage: Red Bull

3 Random Facts:  1. I have a unconditional love for riding motorcycles 2. I am the youngest (but definitely the most mature sibling) 3. I binge watch Netflix
too often.

Brief Bio: Born in Port Orchard, moved to Spokane in 2013.

Lauri Seghetti (Owner) 

Team Member Since:  September 2008

Birthday: 11/10

Personality Type: The Protaganist

Extraverted – 87%, Intuitive – 58%, Feeling – 52%, Judging – 98%, Assertive – 58%

Personality Role: Diplomate
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies: Hiking, walking the dog, painting, time with family, and listening to business/entrepreneurial podcasts.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Homemade gooey chocolate chip cookie.

Favorite Beverage: Chai Tea with vanilla creamer or Good Earth Spicy Tea.

3 Random Facts: 1. Married my High School sweetheart. 2. Ran and Interior Design company for 16 years. 3. I have a passion for fashion re-selling/marketing.

Brief Bio: Born in Pasco, WA and moved every 3 years back and forth between Spokane and the Tri Cities. Graduated from Mead High School. After a few years of traveling to remote cities, for my husband’s job, we settled in to Spokane to raise our family.

Serena Smith (Event Coordinator) 

Team Member Since:  April 2023

Birthday: 6/4

Personality Type: Consul ESFJ- A

Extraverted – 73%, Observant – 57%, Feeling – 66%, Judging – 86%, Assertive – 71%

Personality Role: Sentinel
Personality Strategy: People Mastery

Hobbies:  Golfing, running, biking, skiing and anything on the lake! That’s my favorite place to be in the summer time.

Favorite Candy/Dessert: S’mores with Reese’s

Favorite Beverage: White Coffee (White Angel) is my favorite!

3 Random Facts: 1. I sat front row at America’s Got Talent in 2016. 2 I was a 5th grade teacher at Liberty Lake Elementary. 3 I hate oranges (anything orange flavored)!

Brief Bio: I have lived in Liberty Lake most of my life! I moved to Bellingham for a couple years where I attended Western Washington University. Then I moved back home and graduated from Eastern Washington University! I love being around people and helping bring events to life! My husband’s name is Troy and he is a golf professional at Trailhead golf course in Liberty Lake. We have a bernedoodle puppy named Bentley who currently takes up a lot of time!

Lauren Morse(Event Team) 

Team Member Since:  April 2023


Personality Type: Protagonist

Personality Role: Diplomat
Personality Strategy: People Mastery


Favorite Candy/Dessert:

Favorite Beverage:

3 Random Facts:

Brief Bio:

Jeremiah Colladay (Dish Pit Master)

Team Member Since: December 2013

Birthday: 12/02

Personality Type: The Mediator 

Introverted – 60%, Intuitive – 80%, Feeling – 76%, Prospecting – 65%, Turbulent – 65%

Personality Role: Diplomat
Personality Strategy: Constant Improvement

Hobbies: Playing Guitar and drums, drawing, creating/making/building, learning new hobbies, camping, traveling, wake boarding

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Erin’s homemade chocolate cake with brown butter vanilla frosting. Rocks my socks!

Favorite Beverage: Coffeeeee

3 Random Facts:  Haven’t had a haircut in 12 years, I once hugged a manatee while swimming in a fresh water spring, and I rode a real bull in Texas.

Brief Bio:  Born in Dallas, Texas. moved around a lot until 2013 when I found my new home in Spokane WA. I got married in 2011and started a leather business in 2016.

Frank Comito (Executive Chef)

Team Member Since: July 2022


Personality Type:

Personality Role:
Personality Strategy:


Favorite Candy/Dessert:

Favorite Beverage:

3 Random Facts:

Brief Bio:

Emma Morse

Team Member Since: June 2023

Birthday: 10/05

Personality Type: Assertive Advocate

Personality Role: Diplomats
Personality Strategy: Confident Individualism

Hobbies:  reading, yoga, puzzles, pickleball

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Heath bar

Favorite Beverage: Root beer

3 Random Facts: My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. A perfect day for me is spent at the lake on a hot, sunny day. When I was a child, I wanted to be a librarian because I loved reading so much and wanted unlimited access to books.

Brief Bio:  I was born and raised in the North Spokane area and now live with my parents about five minutes from the Commellini Estate. I attended Mead High School and then the University of Washington, where I received a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Law, Societies and Justice and a minor in Spanish. After graduating university, I moved to Spain for 9 months for a teaching program to be an English language assistant in a small city. Now, I am back in Spokane for the summer and working at Commellini’s before I begin law school this fall at the University of Washington.

Walter Welch

Team Member Since: May 2024

Birthday: 8/11

Personality Type: Commander

Extraverted – 61%, Intuitive – 77%, Thinking – 76%, Judging – 64%, Turbulent – 60%

Personality Role: Analyst
Personality Strategy:Social Engagement

Hobbies: Karate, Ju Jitsu, writing, reading, games

Favorite Candy/Dessert: Baby Ruth

Favorite Beverage: Cold Smoke

3 Random Facts:1. My wife & I used to be part of a Taiko drumming group and even played them at our wedding.  2.  I’m currently fostering an older Siamese cat; I’ve always been an animal lover.  3.  I’ve been making my own board game & I love playing them with my family and friends.

Brief Bio: I was born and raised in Spokane, WA and love living out in the country side near Long Lake.  I teach karate, having inherited the school from my teachers.  I love being able to give back to my community and helping to foster a sense of health, fitness, and discipline.   I enjoy writing and am working on  several stories.

Lanie Danforth

Team Member Since:


Personality Type:

Personality Role:
Personality Strategy:


Favorite Candy/Dessert:

Favorite Beverage:

3 Random Facts:

Brief Bio: