Public Cooking Classes

Get your hands dirty in our  hands-on cooking classes. Unless otherwise specified all classes included  hands on instruction and recipes cards to take home. Many of the classes culminate in a delicious several course meal, served family style, inside the historic Commellini Estate’s Main Venue.

Private Cooking Classes

Our team offers events that range from light-hearted and sociable to team and skill building built for a creative and entertaining event.

In these private classes you can roll up our sleeves for a hands-on cook-along that your coworkers, friends, future in-laws, or family members can all enjoy!

After your team cooks along together ~ it’s time to relax and savor your meal together.

Many bar options available.

Email or Call Us to Start Planning:  or 1-509-466-0667

Traveling Chef Classes

Coming Soon!

Commellini Estate will soon offer traveling chef classes, where we will bring the cooking class to your home or office. We will bring all ingredients and equipment for a great event. Complete the form below, to be notified when this becomes available.

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