Commellini Estates is doing an exclusive four part series of Unveiled 2018 Wedding Trends, helping you create the wedding of your dreams. If you have missed that last three parts where we talked about Themes, Decor, and Wedding Tips then click Here. Welcome to the last part of the series where we will be unveiling the two most memorable parts of the wedding, the dress and the desserts.  The wedding dress is obviously the most exquisite and luxurious part of the wedding and in a close second comes the desserts. The best way to celebrate the beautiful new couple is a glass of champagne in hand and the most delicious dessert in the other.  So, raise a doughnut with us as we dive into the last part of the series.


2018 wedding cakes are all about making a statement, stepping out of the box, and having a little fun. It is an easy and popular way to show off your personality as a couple.

The classic wedding cake dessert is not going anywhere, but it is becoming popular to have a doughnut bar, as well as other tasty treats like, ice cream, macaroons, cheesecakes, pastries, and more. Creating a dessert table with a variety of options, will be a creative and popular spot at your wedding.

Being creative with your desserts is that small detail that will make your wedding stand out and add a unique twist to it. Commellini has a variety of different desserts from handmade chocolate truffles, gelato, and Italian hot fudge sundaes. Who doesn’t love dessert? So, why not have a variety of options.

Doughnuts are staying in trend throughout 2018, and we are totally fine with it as long as there is a doughnut wall or bar involved. It’s a doughnut lovers world and we are just living in it.

Photographer: Allie Hannah Photography

Photography:Ashley Cook Photography                                                                    Photographer: Brandon Lata Photography

The Naked Wedding Cake on the left, is a common trend that is very unique and sets your wedding cake apart from others. Having floral decor on your cake that matches your bouquet is a new unique trend in 2018.

This Semi Naked wedding cake on the right, is the perfect combo of traditional and trendy. These cakes will go well with the Wistful Woodsy Romance theme wedding and look good when decorated with greenery, succulents, and flowers.

This Drip Cake on the left, is perfect for trend setting couples and creates a artistic, eye catching design.  Topping off the Drip Cake with other 2018  trendy desserts like, macaroons and edible gold foil.

This Geometric wedding cake on the right, goes with the decor trends of metallic gold and marble and are perfect for the trendy weddings.


This seasons most wanted gowns swing, sparkle and shine with luxurious details. When picking out a wedding dress it is important to incorporate the wedding trends in a subtle way and by keeping your dress simple and classic your decor and bridal bouquet will stand out more. Finding the right gown that displays your character and brings out your true beauty is such an important detail in your special day.

Black & Bold

Calling all trend setting couples. If you’re personality is bold and risky, then this black wedding dress has your name written all over it. Yes, black wedding dresses are a thing and are making a bold statement against the traditional white wedding dress. If your are going for a non-traditional wedding, then this dress screams non-traditional. Be bold and go black.


The accessory trend in 2018 is coming in hot with head pieces, jewelry, and chic flowing Boleros making for a classy way to incorporate embellishment.


Whether you are a makeup guru, or don’t know a thing about makeup you want to look your best on your wedding day. Finding the right look, that is timeless yet breathtaking, is important (especially when you are followed around with your personal paparazzi all night). 2018, is all about the natural look with gentle pops of color. We are featuring 6 easy trendy looks: Edgy, Romantic, Beachy, Boho, Vintage and Timeless.

Edgy & Romantic

Beachy & Boho

We hope that you enjoyed diving into Dresses and Desserts trends of 2018 as much as we did. On January 20th from noon to 4 PM, we are hosting a design an tasting event for future brides! We will be showcasing different tablescapes, offering samples of our house wines and doing tastings some our famous recipes. For more information about the event and to get tickets click here! We can’t wait to see you there!