Commellini Estates is doing an exclusive four part series unveiling 2018 Wedding Trends, helping you create the wedding of your dreams. During this series we will show you popular decor for 2018, we will give you unique tips for your special day and lastly, we will feature popular desserts and wedding dresses. Welcome to part one of the series where you will learn about the creative wedding themes like, Pure Elegance, Wistful Woodsy Romance, and Enchanted Evening.

Wedding Themes

Pure Elegance

  • Having your wedding reflect your elegance as a couple by having a “Pure Elegance” theme and making your special day one that you and your guest will remember forever.

  •  This wedding held on Commellni Estates property made a chic & classy statement complementing the estates elegant venue with a “Pure Elegance” theme.

  • This candelabra added the “vintage fix” to the sweetheart table that all 2018, brides will be looking for.

  • This elegant dress is the perfect blend of  simple and the swing, sparkle and shine of luxurious details that 2018, is bringing.

Photographer: LaYoung Photography

Wistful Woodsy Romance

  • Rustic is out and Woodsy is in. PNW roots run deep in couples who appreciate and enjoy the outdoors. Having a Wistful Woodsy Romance is the perfect way to share your love of the PNW with your guests.

  • 2018, is bringing deep red hues and this lush greenery to make a bold statement at your wedding.

  • Commellini Estate sits on over 200 acres of woodsy land to compliment your Wistful Woodsy Romance and capture the very PNW feel you are going for in its 3 outdoor venue spaces.

Top two photos & middle right and left photos: Swak Photography

Middle & bottom two photos: Rachel Shamburg of Through Stories

Enchanted Evening

  • Make all of your fairy tale dreams come true with and “Enchanted Evening” theme. This Bride and her Groom celebrated their Enchanting Evening at Commellini Estates with a whimsical vibe that brides in 2018, will be dreaming of.

  • These sleet geometric shapes with soft greenery and natural elements come together beautifully in this wedding decor, setting the trend for 2018.

  • These rocks and crystals are the perfect small detail that can add the extra “wow” factor that you are looking for. Keeping the enchanting vibe with the cool elegant tones is the perfect detail.

  • This dress is the perfect combination of the simple traditional look that will never go out of style and the slight softness and sparkly trend of 2018 making it ooze elegance.

  • The accessory trend is coming back strong and not just in earrings but in headpieces, rings, and embellishing dresses.

Photographer: Allie Hannah Photography

Going Out of Style

Commellini Estate did an exclusive interview with an anonymous Industry Professional, who was brutally honest about what is going out of style once 2018 is here. Each of these things have been a huge part of a lot of our weddings here at Commellini and we are sad to see them go. We asked what things are going out of style in 2018, and these are the responses we received:

  • “Grooms cake, it was cool in 2016 & 2017 but lets leave it behind with the rest of our bad habits in 2017.”

  • “Bouquet & Garter toss is surprisingly not making it to 2018 and yes your mother may be upset about this but it is an event worth skipping for more time on the dance floor.”

  • “Mason Jars can be a cheap way to decorate your wedding but using these common canning items, wrapped in burlap of course, are excessive, overdone, and needs to be left on the boards of Pinterest.”

  • “Chalkboard Signs are out. Just don’t.”

  • “Photo booths are out and open booths with a back drop are in.”

  • “Flower Crowns are beautiful but are not timeless and will be regretted in 20 years when you look back and see a bouquet of flowers on your head looking like you just walked out of a Lana Del Rey music video.”