Commellini Estate had the privilege of hosting a Big Table dinner this last week.

Commellini Estate, Big Table

Big Table is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of relationships and support of those working in a service industry.  With this mission statement in mind, these relationships are literally developed around a big table at one of the organizations famed dinners.

Commellini Estate, Big Table

Patrons are invited to relax and dine at one of these Big Table events. The dinner service is cooked and served by volunteers and those dining enjoy a tranquil evening off amidst a demanding and hectic schedule.

Commellini Estate, Big Table

One of these dinners was held at the Estate on Tuesday February 3rd. The five course meal was prepared by Chef Ian Wingate. Guests enjoyed a colorful array of Asian inspired cuisine.

BT Commellini-48
BT Commellini-68

BT Commellini-101

For more information about Big Table and how to get involved click HERE.