Oftentimes, couples will choose to have their ceremony and reception at different places. While this idea is not a bad idea, there can be more feasibility in keeping your ceremony and reception at the same location. In the end, this will make the planning process of your wedding easier, and keep your guests happier.

1. Save Money

One of the biggest cost cutters for a wedding can be keeping your ceremony and reception at the same place.  This cuts the cost of having two different bills for both locations, by just sending one to the same location. By using Commellini’s as both your ceremony and reception location, we have package deals that save you money versus paying for just one location space. Because of our unique opportunity of having locations prepped for both the ceremony and reception, this can save you money in the long run.

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2. Keep People From Leaving

After the ceremony, some guests choose to leave. This does not happen often, but it occurs more when guests have to change locations. At this point, the guests have seen your ceremony, but may not choose to celebrate at the reception afterwards. Everyone has different reasons for leaving, but the biggest one is that it takes more effort to drive from one location to the next. Then, after arriving at the reception destination, there can be a pause while waiting for additional guests to arrive before the celebration really begins. It’s better if guests can immediately begin enjoying themselves.

3. No Awkward Transition

Once your ceremony has ended, people usually head to the next destination. This could be to their cars in order to drive away, or this could be right inside to the indoor reception venue. At Commellini’s, you could easily have your ceremony in two of our outdoor locations, and then immediately have your guests move inside to the indoor reception venue to enjoy a cocktail hour. In our indoor reception venue, we have a full bar where guests can begin enjoying drinks and celebrating. By keeping the wedding at the same location, guests can simply move from one event to the next, keeping the flow of your wedding consistent. This will give you more time as a couple to enjoy yourselves in our bridal suite, while everyone else enjoys the reception. Everyone is happy!

Ceremony Location, Reception Location, Spokane Wedding, Outdoor Wedding, Commellini Estate

4. More Time for Mingling

Because there would be no awkward transition, your guests would immediately begin to enjoy themselves and the company around them. In this case, there would be much more time for mingling because you cut off the travel time from one separate location to the next. Regardless of your wedding size, there should be opportunities for your guests to visit with each other. If there is family or friends traveling in from different places, then your wedding becomes a reunion as well. Now everyone has plenty of time to catch up with one another and not worry about missing out on the lost time due to moving locations.

Having your ceremony and reception at the same location can bring a peace of mind to all. If you are interested in having your wedding here, feel free to contact us and we can schedule a tour with an event coordinator. The event coordinator will work with you through all your wedding aspects so that your special day comes to life.