If you are needing inspiration to liven up your corporate party, look no further! At the estate we see so many different corporate holiday party themes that we thought we needed to share a list of our favorite corporate holiday party themes and ideas.

  1. Cooking Class Party: Think outside the box and  enjoy rolling up our sleeves for a hands-on cook-along with  your coworkers.  After your team cooks along together ~ it’s time to relax and savor your meal together. To learn about the Commellini Estate Private Cooking classes, click here. 

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2. Sounds of the Season: A live band or choir entertaining with seasonal music is the centerpiece of this elegant holiday party theme. Another option is strolling carolers which are sure way to get guests in the holiday spirit.

3. Masquerade: Use traditional masquerade colors, invite everyone to wear their finest clothes, and don a mask.

4. Christmas around the world: This theme will largely be centered around the food and creating different food stations. Mix up the décor by having each table themed after holidays in various counties.

5. Holiday Lights: Decorate with twinkle lights and candles, then dim the overhead lights to create the perfectly holiday magical atmosphere.

6. Black Tie Affair: The colors black and white look dramatic against each other and make it easier for guests to wear. The monochromatic elegance of this party is easy to arrange and is perfect for a formal evening event.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes, Holiday Themes, Spokane Venue,

7. Red and Green: A more casual alternative for a color-themed party, these holiday shades will instantly have everyone in the holiday spirit.

8. Awards Night: Roll out the red carpet and star treatment for a holiday party to acknowledge employees’ achievements.

9. Casino Night: A good time isn’t a gamble with a seasonal casino theme including table games and holiday winnings. Play for money or for prizes.

10. Ugly Sweater: This can be a fun option if you don’t have a large budget and prefer a casual affair. Consider hiring a photographer or photo booth to capture the great photo ops.

11. Candyland: Candy canes, gingerbread, and other delicious menu items can be the focus of this family-friendly holiday theme.

12. Gourmet Celebration: Enjoy a taste of holiday decadence with a theme centered on a specific holiday food, such as wines, chocolates, or other treats. Consider doing Commellini Estate’s hot cocoa bar or s’mores bar which includes marshmallows, chocolate chips, and peppermint sticks.

13. Holiday Movies: A fun and happy theme can focus on a favorite holiday movie such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas or A Christmas Story. For more employee interest, consider holding an office vote for which movie or movies to feature.

14.Finally……Winter wonderland: Snowflakes, ice sculptures, and simple winter scenery make the winter wonderland theme a seasonally perfect choice.

Whatever the corporate holiday & Christmas party themes you select for your business, be sure to make sure your employees feel appreciated and are having a good time. Note that no holiday party is complete without a few holiday party games!