Drive Thru Easter Egg Hunt

3.31.21 | 4-7:30 PM

4.1.21 | 4-7:30 PM

4.2.21 | 4-7:30 PM

4.3.21 | 12PM- 6 PM

Easter is right around the corner, and we recognize that the importance of social distancing may limit some more traditional festivities. However, in the spirit of safety and community, beginning Wednesday 3/31/21 and going through Saturday 4/3/2021, Commellini Estate will be hosting its second annual Drive Through Easter Egg Hunt! Our resident bunny has been hard at work, hiding an “undisclosed” amount of eggs at the Estate (all viewable from inside your car).  On arrival, hunters will have the opportunity to count the amount of eggs they can spot from the safety of their vehicle,  and submit their guess. The closest guesses will be entered to win a series of fun prizes.

To aid your adventure, an Easter Egg Hunt map + additional instructions is available for download below. Don’t forget to pickup a Gourmet Meal or Meal Kit from our curbside Pickup crew while you’re searching the Estate!

Of course, we ask that everyone remain in their vehicles & leave all eggs in place for other “hunters” to find. Good luck and happy hunting!

Participating Local Business + Prize Sponsors:

Ritters Garden & Gift | one $100 gift card, one $50 gift card, and one $25 gift card
Colladay Leather | one 3-pocket minimalist wallet, two Key Fobs, one set of dark brown & emerald petal earrings, and one set of aquamarine & leather fringe petal earrings
Sweet Frostings | one $50 gift card and two $25 gift cards
Tin Roof Furniture | one $100 gift card
Browning Beef | two $25 gift cards
Spokane Sip | two $25 gift cards
Luxe. Salon and Spa | two $25 gift cards
Commellini Estate | four $25 gift cards to Tavola Calda by Commellini Estate, and six packages of assorted hand-rolled chocolate truffles

Little Garden Cafe | gift certificates for cinnamon rolls

How to Hunt:

  1. As mentioned, our resident bunny has been hard at work hiding an “undisclosed” amount of eggs at the Estate (all viewable from inside your car).
  2. Prior to arrival at Commellini Estate, please be sure to print our official Egg Hunt Map which will help guide you through the designated searching area.
  3. Once you arrive, it’s time to keep your eyes peeled! The colorful eggs will be creatively hidden around the route on your map, and it’s your job to spot and count as many of these eggs as you can from the safety of your vehicle.
  4. Your ultimate goal is to spot and count as many eggs as you can. Once finished counting, be sure to submit your egg total (see instructions below). Note you must work as a team as you are allowed only one guess per vehicle for the entire duration of the contest.
  5. But that’s not all! As an appreciation for our hunters, we’ve hidden one extra special egg. Be sure to be on the lookout for the GOLDEN Egg!

How to Submit your Egg Count Guess:

  1. Be sure to take a picture WHILE you are at the Estate. Any picture from your hunt will do, but a photo at the Estate is required to verify that you actually did the “hunt” and did not just make a guess online. (Unfortunately without this photo, we will not be able to accept your guess).
  2.  Post your photo on Instagram & Facebook with your Egg Count Guess in the comment of your photo. Those expert hunters who find and count the number of eggs closest to the actual total hidden (and we are able to verify their guess) will be entered to win a series of prizes. If multiple hunters submit the exact number of eggs or the same guess, each name will be drawn from a hat at random to determine the official winner of the prizes.
  3. Be sure to use the hashtag: #DriveThruEaster2021 The hashtag is how we are able to view, record, & verify your guess. Without this hashtag we will be unable to locate your post. Unfortunately searchable hashtags are not compatible with Instagram stories. Therefore stories are invalid for submission.
  4. Be sure your post is set to “public.” Due to a variety of settings on your individual account, if the post is not set to “public,” we will be unable to view your guess. Only guesses we can see/verify will count. Post must be viewable on 4/5/21, any setting changes after that point in time will be too late and invalid. 
  5. Extra Credit: Tag the participating local businesses, including @rittersgarden @colladayleather @sweetfrostings @tinrooffurniture @browningbeefspokane @spokanesip @luxe.salonspa @commelliniestate @tavolacalda_spokane @lgcafe
  6. Be sure to post your picture and guess no later than Monday 4/5/2021 at noon. Winners will be announced on Tuesday 4/6 by 5PM.

Driving Rules & Social Distancing Regulations:

This event was created as a fun FREE community event for guests to be able to enjoy some Easter fun while still maintaining all safety precautions and adhering to strict social distancing guidelines. We hate to be sticklers here, but our goal to is to keep everyone safe. In order to do this, and to keep the event moving at a fun pace we require that you follow these guidelines:

    1. REMAIN in your vehicle at ALL times. If you get out of your vehicle to hunt for eggs, your guess will NOT count toward the prizes and you will be asked to leave immediately.
    2. Keep a 5mph pace (No more, no less). Please be considerate of all drivers. If there is a car behind you, be sure to KEEP moving at 5 mph pace. If you feel you need to go through again to double check your egg counts, that is okay. However, do NOT stop if there is a vehicle behind you. If there are no vehicles behind you, feel free to take your time.

Read All Official Rules Here

By downloading the Egg Hunt Map & Instructions, You, the Contestant,

have affirmatively reviewed, accepted, and agreed to all of the Official Rules.

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