To provide a little context for this video you must first know this video was taken around the family dinner table. Secondly, Gina Seghetti is the niece of Albert & Leda Commellini and helped run the estate. In 1956, Mauro had trouble getting citizenship into the United States. Thus he stayed in Trail BC, Canada and traveled back and forth to see his then fiancé Gina, while he waited for his visa. This is the story of their 2 weddings in Canada and the almost missed wedding reception in Spokane.

Story Outline Below:
They first got married at the court house in Canada to expedite the citizenship process. A week later they had a small wedding in the Catholic Church. A month later they were to have a large party in Spokane with all of their friends and family. Mauro was not able to cross the border until the morning of the wedding reception. He left early with a friend so that they could make it to a suit fitting for the party later that evening. Along the way they first missed a Ferry and had to wait another 2 hours. Along the way they got lost somewhere in Idaho. There was nothing around them for miles and finally stumbled upon a beer tavern. They went in for directions and a beer and when they asked someone inside the bar for directions to Spokane, the person replied, “Where is Spokane?” Needless to say they were completely lost. They finally ended up in Spokane after dark and way after the tailor had closed. Thankfully he didn’t miss the entire party and someone had an old suit he could where. The only wedding photo posted in their home from all 3 of their weddings was taken the night of the reception in the old suit.

As for what the friend said to Mauro about making more money that day by being later, you will just have to watch the video and hear for yourself….