Wedding Food Trends in 2019

Food is such a fun part of planning your wedding and can allow you as a couple to express yourself through items all of your guests can enjoy! In 2019 wedding trends, it is all about bringing back traditional service styles, elevated presentation, and creating an experience for your guests.

To ring in the New Year, Commellini Estates is doing an exclusive four part series unveiling 2019 Wedding Trends, helping you create the wedding of your dreams. During this series we will talk about food trends, themes & vibes (not just color schemes),  natural floral’s, and all of those intimate touches that make this the best day of your life! Welcome to part one of the series where you will learn what food styles are coming to life in 2019.

Plated Dinner

What is a plated dinner? A plated dinner is where your guests remain at their tables during dinner service and are served each course by the wait staff. You can choose to have the same menu served to everyone, or opt for your guests to choose prior to your wedding. If you are opting to let your guests choose their entree, prior to the wedding,  there are typically two to three options allowing for a vegetarian alternative. In the case of multiple choices, a seating chart is necessary to keep everyone organized.

A plated dinner screams formal but allows for you to add some pretty neat personal touches. Whether it be group gifts at each table, name cards, or personalized menus at each place setting these are all ways to tie in your wedding vibes.

  • Less food waste than any other service style.

  • Everyone enjoys the same experience.

  • Everyone is served at the same time.

  • An unsaid level of class and elegance.

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Family Style

Not into the extra work a plated dinner requires, but still want your guests to have a hassle-free dining experience at your wedding? Family style it is! Your guests remain at their tables as each course is brought out on a large platter and passed around the table. This service style lets your guest dish themselves what and how much they would like, while not having to leave the comfort of their seats. The concept of family style service runs deep in our Italian roots and emulates a cozy yet elegant vibe.

  • Your guests don’t have to walk through a maze of tables with their food.

  • Everyone enjoys the same experience.

  • Everyone is served at the same time.

  • Allows for better table conversations.

  • Interactive and intimate.

  • Formal and casual meet to find a perfect combination

It’s All About Interactions

This seasons food is not only about elevating the service style, but is also about creating moments of interaction between your guests, elevating food presentation, and mini everything! Whether that happens by designing experiences during your cocktail hour to get your guests engaged, or having a late-night-bite foodie activity. 2019, is taking food presentation and experience to a whole new level.

Cocktail Hour

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail hour? I know I sure do! As you’re off, smitten with the man of your dreams, there is no better way to entertain your guests than with food. Here are some ways to create an exciting and engaging cocktail hour…

  • Roaming Food Bars

  • Aerialist performers pouring champagne

  • A combination of tray-served and buffet style appetizers

  • Live band performances

Company: Spokane Aerial Performance Arts

After-hours Dessert

Nothing is s’more fun than picking up a marshmallow and graham cracker and roasting that little guy over an open flame. A perfect nightcap, playful dessert stations that add a little flare of personality. This year, we will still see the donut pegboard’s, cupcake tower’s, and cookie bar, but even more unique 2019 is bringing  pies, tarts, and smores bars. The after-dinner dessert stations are becoming one of the most memorable dining activities your guests participate in.

Smore’s Bar: Commellini Estate

Photography: Through Stories

From one foodie to another, we hope that you enjoyed diving into these delicious and creative food trends coming to life in 2019. Commellini Estate loves creating custom and personalized menus! Call today, 509-466-0667, to talk to one of our event coordinators about how we can help you!

On January 19th from 1 PM to 4 PM, we are hosting a design and tasting event for future brides! We will be showcasing different tablescapes, offering samples of our house wines and menu tastings of our most famous recipes. For more information about the event and to get tickets click here!

We can’t wait to see you at the Unveiled Bridal Open House!