At Commellini Estate, we want every aspect of your event to have been reviewed and altered to fit the needs of the event you have in mind. One way to create an intimate and conversation conducive atmosphere is by doing a family style meal service. This has been the most popular type of meal service at the estate. For this weeks “Ask the Experts” blog we wanted to demystify family style service and explain its many benefits.

Family Style, Big Table, Spokane Event Venue, Commellini Estate

What is Family Style Meal Service?

With this type of service, we serve each table rather than each individual guest. We plate the food on platters that are meant to serve multiple guests. Each guest then helps him/herself and passes the platter on to the next guest, allowing guest enjoy a relaxed meal without leaving their seat. Because of the courses, more time will be spent on the meal and at the table, than standing in line for the buffet. 

When a group of people gather around the dinner table, it can be so much more than just eating food. Meals were meant to be shared in good company and enjoyed. Regardless of the event, your guests should have the chance to fully enjoy the meal with others around them. Instead of saying the basic hello and swapping names, the family style draws out dinner time. Here’s a few reason why our family style service is a great option at your next event:

Encourages Conversation

When you have your guests come together for a wedding or a corporate party, there is a good chance that not everyone will know each other. Our family style service changes the dynamics of an event. With large portions of spaghetti and meatballs going around the table, your neighbors will start to feel less like strangers, and more like friends. Guests will have more of a chance to engage with one another in active conversation. Less time will be spent getting up and down, and more time on enjoying the meal with your new acquaintances.

Paces the Meal

As the host, you have the option to set the flow of the evening. You could have all meals from appetizers to dessert served family style, or even just the main meal family style. With family style, your guests will not feel rushed to eat all at once because we bring the courses out individually. This way you can focus on one item at a time. The Commellini servers are there to deliver each course, as well as clear the plates so there’s always room for the next one. You just sit back and enjoy!

Connects Guests

Having the option of doing family style changes the dynamics of what could be a formal get together, to a more festive celebration of the event. You as a host will get to enjoy yourself and the meal, as well as your guests. You will need to pass the plates around, participate in conversation outside of “Pass the bread”, and groan together when you’ve eaten to much gelato. At the end of the day, a family would come together to eat and catch up on the day’s doings; the same could be with the people you just met. Once the wedding is over, you could leave with a party favor, and a new group of friends!

 “My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation.” Kristy Gallacher

Family Style, Big Table, Spokane Event Venue, Commellini EstateFamily Style, Big Table, Spokane Event Venue, Commellini Estate

Family Style, Big Table, Spokane Event Venue, Commellini Estate