Spokane Sunflower Wedding

Get to know Austin + Kryssa

Meet newlywed’s Austin and Kryssa, who had a beautiful Spokane Sunflower wedding at the Estate this past summer. The couple instantly became best friends while studying at Grand Canyon University.  Their friendship gradually turned to a love that would last a life-time. Take a peak into their sunshine filled day to hear everything from Austin’s romantic proposal to the couple’s funny ceremony moments.  Austin and Kryssa’s special day was definitely one to remember!


Kryssa: Full time student and waitress. Austin: Grand Canyon University Enrollment Counselor

How you met?

We met at GCU (Grand Canyon University) in August of 2013. We were both Resident Assistants (RA’s) on the same staff for Sedona Hall. I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We were dating other people and even went on a double date together with our other SO’s.


Kryssa: Spokane, WA

Austin: Longmont, CO

First Impressions?

Kryssa: I thought Austin was a very good FRIEND. He became my best friend. I had no idea that I would develop feelings for him as we were both dating other people! But his handsome smile, kindness and catchy personality were some of my initial favorite things about him!

Austin: I thought Kryssa was beautiful from the moment I first saw her and spent as much time as possible trying to get to know her better. Looks like it worked out pretty well.

First real date? 

The first and best date I can remember was on my 21st birthday. He spoiled me all day! I got flowers, coffee, sushi for lunch and Italian food for dinner! And of course, a few drinks in-between! He gave me a beautiful necklace as well.

Proposal in brief? 

I had the day off but Kryssa didn’t know. I had one of her friends take her out to get her nails done while I had the rest of our friends gather at one of the local parks here in Phoenix. Kryssa thought she was out on a girl’s day and when she got to the park, she saw all her friends holding roses which she collected as she walked down the path where I got down on one knee. She said yes!

Favorite ceremony moment?

Kryssa: My garter fell while I was walking down the aisle! It was wrapped around my ankle the whole way down, through the ceremony and back up the aisle! I was so concerned I was going to trip or get it dirty! I couldn’t stop laughing with my brothers who were walking me down.

Austin: Seeing my bride turn the corner and walk down the aisle! Then laugh because of the garter situation.

Favorite reception moment?

Kryssa: For me, it was the bridal party taking over the dance floor and DJ! Austin and I left for a few minutes to take pictures and came back to a dance party! It was so fun!

Austin: It took three tries to toss the garter to one of the single boys. The first time it went too far and Kryssa happened to catch it herself, then the second time, it was short and landed on the photographer. Then, the third time my best man finally caught it. He wore it on the plane ride the next day all the way back to Arizona. Classic.

Surprise elements?

We planned our wedding completely out of state! We did not see anything except pictures of the venue until the week of the wedding! It was so stressful but everything turned out beautifully!

Wedding theme?

We didn’t really have a theme! We just wanted it to be bright, inviting and fun! If anything, it was centered around sunflowers.

Wedding dessert?

Commellini’s S’mores bar and cake from Sweet Frostings. The flavors were Orange Dreamsickle, Lemon-Blueberry, Strawberry Champagne and Chocolate Dream.

First dance song?

‘When I say Do’ by Matthew West

Touching speeches?

Sean Hanlon (Best Man), Jamie Tate (MOH), Jim Volf (FOG)


Centerpiece sunflowers! I had to have more sunflowers!

Number of guests?



Lavender, grey and sunflower yellow.

Day in three words?

Beautiful, fun and joy.

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