With the holiday season rapidly approaching, here in Spokane Wa,  there are plenty of opportunities to put a little merriment in any event that you hold. What better way to capture your guest’s attention than through beautiful table holiday centerpieces that contain the best of what any season holds.

Here at Commellini Estate we love assisting with all things holiday and Christmas and include a variety of decorations and accessories that are at your disposal if you choose to have your event here. Commellini will set up and tear down any of the decorations that you may choose to borrow from us. However, you are free to bring in whatever décor you want to showcase instead. Here are some ideas to spark your interest.

Winter Colors

The colors silver and white make gorgeous contrasts against each other and are very remindful of snow. Our white linens and glass goblets on the table showcase this effect nicely if you choose to go with white. However, a pop of silver in the center of the table with some frosted vases adds a very wintery effect.

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There are a variety of glass wear that can be used as holiday centerpieces here at Commellini that can easily be filled with whatever is representative of the holidays to you. For a more festive Christmas approach, they could be filled with maroon candles that we have here, or even holly or wreath-like plants to add a pop of green.

Light reflects nicely on the table, especially when contrasted against darker linens such as black or maroon. Small tea lights that dot the table add a little sparkle to the atmosphere with a cozy glow coming from all corners. If the lights are placed inside any glass wear, it can be even more reflective.

Outdoor Inspiration

If you want to bring the outdoors in, pinecones can look festive and can be easy to find outdoors. They look beautiful in any vases, or even just spread amongst the table. Place them with some holly, and you’ve really brought the beautiful trees indoors, reminiscent of Christmastime.

With your next event, incorporating these holiday centerpieces will make your party remembered among your guests. The holidays are a reason to celebrate and be thankful. Take time to plan a great event with the ones you love with the help of Commellini Estate.