Their Story

Hometowns: Michelle is from San Bernardino, Ca and Phoenix, Az and Amber is from Odessa, Wa

First Impressions:  Amber thought that Michelle was funny and kind and Michelle thought that Amber was crazy, loud and cute. 

Proposal in brief: The day before Michelle proposed, she sent me to the spa all day to be pampered. The next day she took me out to dinner at Table 13, then took me through a walk in the park. When we were walking back, she told me she got us a room at the Davenport Grand. (I may have mentioned that it was silly cause we lived 15 minutes away). When we went up to the room, it was decorated with candles and flowers and balloons (101 to be exact) and on all the balloons were pictures of different memories. She found the one with the ring attached and said if we were able to make all these amazing memories in a few years imagine how many we can make in a lifetime!

Their Special Day

Day in three words: Best day ever! 

Wedding day weather: It was 68 and sunny! When the ceremony started, the clouds literally parted 🙂

Colors: Black and White with Rose Gold 

Wedding theme: I don’t know that I had a theme, I just wanted simple and elegant.


Wedding time: 5pm

Number of Guests: 180-200

Favorite ceremony moment: For Michelle it was when she first saw me and our officiant who is our nephew’s speech. Amber’s was Michelle’s face when she saw me and our officiant’s speech.


First dance song: All of Me: by John legend 

Touching speeches: Honestly all of them, the hit it out of the park. 

Favorite reception moment: Our first dance and the speeches. Michelle also remembered a moment when we snuck away for a second and ate some dessert.

All In the Details

Wedding Dessert: Donuts 

Splurge: Amber’s dress 

Centerpieces: Hoop flower arrangements 

Favors for guests: We had coasters, wild flower seeds, and mints

Advice to other couples: Michelle says to have a microphone for vows and Amber says to make sure you take the time to enjoy your day, you’ve put in all the work now you need to celebrate!

Honeymoon: Cozumel, Mexico

Wedding Vendor Team:

Venue: Pondside Ceremony and Main Venue Reception at Commellini Estate

Event Coordination: Commellini Estate

Photographer: Rita Rose Studios

Catering: Commellini Estate

Cake/Dessert: We made donut towers 

Florist: Andrea with Adorkable Flowers 

Hair & Makeup: Our hair was done as a gift by our friend Danielle Thompson Jay and Ambers makeup was also done as a gift by Crystle McAlvey

DJ: Shanner Escalanti

Officiant: Anthony Ehrenberg (our nephew who got ordained so he could marry us and totally nailed it)