We are very excited that you have selected Commellini Estate as part of your career path.

In joining Commellini Estate, you have chosen a company that will help you shape your own future and grow with the company. Throughout your career with Commellini Estate you will make a difference, everyday, by improving the quality of daily life for the many clients, customers and communities we serve.

Step 1: Complete New Employee Paperwork

Required Documents: Please print and complete the following list of documents and bring them with you on your first scheduled day of work.

  1. Employee Handbook-2018
    1. Please read thoroughly. If you have any questions please contact your manager
    2. Print pages 59-70 and complete all forms (many of these forms are listed individually below). Only check off items on the Orientation Checklist that you have completed and understand. Some items, like the tour, will be gone through with your Manager upon submission.
    3. Submit all Paperwork to your manager.
  2.  W4
  3. I9-Please don’t forget to include copies of your documents. These can be copied onsite upon submission.
  4. Direct Deposit Form – a voided check or letter from your bank is required
  5. Employee Personal Info Form
  6. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  7. Appendix to Non Disclosure Agreement
  8. Employee Health Policy Agreement
  9. Meal Waiver Request
  10. Substance Testing Policy Agreement
  11. Publicity & Photo Release Form
  12. Paid Sick Leave Notification
  13. Food Handlers Permit- Must be completed within 7 days of hire
  14. MAST Permit – Required for Bartender and those serving drinks
  15. Parent/School Authorization– Required for those under 18 years old- we recommend completing the school variance option

Step 2: Begin Training and Obtaining Certifications

Required Certifications: All Commellini Team members are required to be certified in the following:

Please do not stress about these certifications, they are very important but if you fail a test you have the opportunity to retake it after 24 hours. If there is a learning disability or language barrier which inhibits your completion of these test, please discuss this with your hiring manager and they can guide you through alternative ways to meet our requirements:

  1. Food Handlers Permit- 
    1. This should have been completed in step one but if you have not already done so obtain your Food Handlers Permit. You can not legally work after the first 7 days of hire without this.
  1. Employee Portal Orientation
    1. Video (15 min):  https://youtu.be/5taIvNwvAh8
    2. Test/Certification: https://forms.gle/AWkaws3vPFSQXNY18
  2. History & About Us:
    1. Video (14 min):  https://youtu.be/yNaBFfSPCVA
    2. Test/Certification: https://forms.gle/3QtKrHk7UT8eESAe9
    3. Bonus: Watch the KSPS History Documentary
    4. Bonus: Read the About Us History Page (hint: dates and names of people and business are important!).
  1. Dress Code:
    1. Video (10 min):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUF6wi3uF18&feature=youtu.be
    2. Test/Certification: https://forms.gle/3Zjzb4M6SWxBejzSA
  2. Scheduling:  Employee Scheduling & Shift Coverage
    1. Video (4 min):  https://youtu.be/Dipi20tP8k8
    2. Test/Certification: https://forms.gle/NsSvnL4UFwUy8y5x9
  3. Hospitality Workplace Safety Training:
      1. Watch Fire Extinguisher Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw4uIiXUCY4
      2. Watch Fire Extinguisher Videos #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4jHpHoYZhk
      3. Watch Ladder Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMhQ19JzOo0
      4. “Complete Work Place Safety Training Checklist” and submit to your manager
  4. Dishwasher
    1. Video #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAEfPrvgXls 
    2. Video #2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftYF0jJtqLI *You may skip: 7 min 50 sec to 9min 45**
    3. Examine the Commellini Dishwashing machine, ask questions to manager or other employees
    4. Schedule Practical Dishwashing Test (preview test here)
  5. Event Server/Staff *required for Servers + Bartenders
    1. Watch All Event Server (their are 8 of them): http://commellini.com/training-videos/
    2. Take Event Server/Staff Online Test
  6. Bartender Training Guide *Required for Bartenders Only
    1. Watch Video (26 min)
    2.  Review Bar Handbook

Step 3: Miscellaneous

  1. Setup your Internal Employee Profile (please note this is required)
    1. Take 16-Personality Test:
      1. Please take the 12 minute Personality test and forward your results to desiree@commelliniestate.com
    2. Email desiree@commelliniestate.com 3 photos of you. FB photos are totally okay. These photos are going to be shared internally ONLY and are meant to be a glimpse of you and your personality. Feel free to have photos of just you or you with friends or family.
    3. Please complete the below Internal Employee Profile. This will only be viewed by internal employees in our new employee portal. You may check the Team Roster for example of other Commellini Team members:
      1. Name:Team Member Since:Birthday:Personality Type:**Based on personality Test results**Personality Role:  **Based on personality Test results**
        Personality Strategy:  **Based on personality Test results**Hobbies:Favorite Candy/Dessert:Favorite Beverage:3 Random Facts:Brief Bio:
  2. Setup ViewMyPaycheck (not required but beneficial)
    1. Please note that this can not be setup until you are have submitted all employee paperwork and your information has been processed by HR.
  3.  Employee Facebook Group: (not required but fun)
    1. As we mentioned several times throughout the interview. We are very team orientated, therefore when possible please friend request me via Facebook. You can Desiree Seghetti and block her if desired or un-friend request her after you have been added to the Commellini Estate FB group. I promise we will not take offense; we simply can not add non-friends to the group. The employee facebook group is where events, photos, etc are shared.