In the Pacific Northwest, summer rain showers are not out of the ordinary. Although The Weather Channel has forecasted summer 2016 as being mostly warm, those in Washington State down to Southern Oregon know that summertime weather can be unpredictable. So, if you happen to be planning a summer wedding in Washington, Oregon or California, here are some ways to make sure your wedding still shines.


If you’re looking to have an outdoor wedding this summer, here are some ways to prepare for the possibility of rain. First, make sure that the venue you choose has inclement weather options in case of a storm. We know mother nature has a mind of her own, however keeping the possibility of rain in the back of your mind while exploring potential venues will reduce stress further down the line.
Securing either a tent or secondary location within the venue is the first step in your backup plan. If your mind is set on the primary location, often venues will offer rentable tents so to keep your ceremony in the initial location. However, like mother nature storms are uncertain, so an enclosed location may be the better option if a storm becomes too hazardous.
If you end up renting a tent or structure on your wedding day, the second step in your backup plan would be to redesign your venue. Often tents are a heavy burden (figuratively and literally) and require lots of heavy lifting. Therefore, redesigning how you want your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception to look should include minimal movement of tents or lots of staff to ensure your guests are covered at different locations.


If there’s a slight chance it may rain during your ceremony, do yourself a favor and plan in advance. Often in the thick of wedding season, rentable tents are at high demand and may be reserved up to two months in advance. If you live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, it’s likely that your wedding won’t be the only venue where it rains. So, help yourself and talk to your Wedding Coordinator before your wedding week to establish a backup plan.
Another element of preparation is alerting your guests to the potential weather issues. If your heart is set on an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, notifying your guests of a potential rain storm would be well- informed. Mass emailing, including a blurb on your website or inserting a weather forecast with your invitation are all viable options for getting the word out to your guests. The more your guests know about the possibility of a shower on your big day, the happier they’ll be that you went out of your way to notify them.


Did you know that rain on your wedding day acts as a symbol for good luck? Even though it may not feel like it, rain on your wedding day symbolizes cleansing, renewal and fertility. No matter what, you can’t control mother nature but you can control how you react to it, so a positive attitude truly makes all the difference. According to Sandy Malone of Sandy Malone Weddings and Events, it’s all about how the bride and groom handle the necessary shift to their Plan B that makes the difference whether or not their guests enjoy themselves. “If the bride’s smiling, EVERYONE’s smiling,” says Malone. Therefore, if you make the best out of a poor situation, your company will mirror that and be smiling too.
In addition, rain shots make for some of the most epic wedding photos and allow for some creativity on the photographer’s behalf and the couple’s. Including colorful rain boots, using clear umbrellas and taking advantage of mother nature’s natural beauty add a whole other fun dimension to your big day.

When it’s all said and done, rain and all, the only thing that matters is the joining of two hearts. In the grand scheme of things, what will last the testament of time won’t be the memories of rain, but the memories you create from your wedding on. At Commellini Estate, our inclement weather options and attentive staff ensure that your wedding day is tended to, so even if the rain does come, we’ve got your back.


  photos courtesy of Jenn Alberts Photography