When planning a wedding there are numerous questions needing to be asked. You’ll want to know the latest plus-one wedding etiquette, if guests will expect a receiving line, and the meaning behind the common wedding rhyme that leaves you searching for something blue. But who do you direct them at and how do you know if they are giving you the right answer? Read our expert panel to discover what wedding etiquette to adhere to and what you can ditch in 2014.

Will my guests expect a receiving line?

This is completely up to you! Receiving lines are a great way to achieve personal contact with each of your guests and thank them for coming. This can really add a personal touch to your big day. We are noticing fewer and fewer receiving lines at our events and this is a-okay too. These lines can get to be long and tiresome for your guests. If you vote to ditch the receiving line, that is perfectly fine, just make sure to stop by each table and thank your guests for coming. Whether in a line form or a visit to each table, the point is simply to make your guests feel welcome.

Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Spokane

Newlyweds Amy & Brian made sure to greet each guest at their Commellini Estate reception.

Am I expected to serve a full meal at my reception or are hors d’oeuvres and a cocktail style event okay?

Traditionally, most weddings have served a full dinner. However, a new and upcoming wedding trend is to throw a cocktail style reception. We believe these both have merit, it just depends on what you want for your day. Traditional dinner menu events allow guests to engage with those at their table. This style creates an inviting and intimate atmosphere. Cocktail style events typically include more movement. Guests move around the room and engage in shorter conversations with a wider variety of guests.

Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Spokane

Our Rustic Italian Platter is always a crowd pleaser.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.

This common wedding rhyme detailing the items a bride must have with her on her wedding day  can easily be repeated by almost anyone, but what does it actually mean? These items each represent a good luck token for the bride on her wedding day. Something old refers to unity with the brides family and the past. Something new looks to the future and symbolizes hope and good fortune for the bride and grooms new life together. Something borrowed is traditionally an item borrowed from a happily married couple. It is meant to transfer the good fortune to the bride and groom. Something blue represents fidelity in marriage. The last phrase is not commonly quoted be American brides and grooms, but is traditional to the phrase. This silver sixpence is to symbolize financial success in the newlyweds life together.

Wedding Etiquette, Wedding Spokane

Morgan incorporated her something borrowed into her bouquet. The stem end is wrapped with her grandmother’s rosary.