Grand Exits: How to go out with a BANG

Grand exits are a fun and engaging way for your family and friends to send you off on your new journey as a married couple. Besides the fact that they are a GREAT photo op, grand exits date back centuries and are one of the many wedding traditions you can choose to do! Whether you’re on the fence about doing a grand exit or already got it on lock take a peek below at some of the fun ways couples here at Commellini Estate have chosen to celebrate!

Let’s Get Creative

Your grand exit is one more way for you and your fiance to create an experience to share with the most important people in your life. Below are a few, Commellini approved, grand exits!

Glow Stick Grand Exit

A glow stick grand exit is best done after the sun goes down! Light up the sky with all the colors of the rainbow. This option is cost-effective, easy, and cute! Take a peek below at the creative pictures and signs that can accompany this creative exit.

Custom Ribbon Wands

Whether you want to hand make these bad boys or have them ordered these custom ribbon wands are darling! You can keep them casual with just ribbon or spice it up with some bells (literally) and whistles. There are so many ways you make these personalized; your favorite colors in the ribbon, custom embroidery on the ribbon or the wood wand itself, and even lace ribbon patterns that match your dress!

Grand exit
Grand exit


Bubbles make for a stellar photo and can double as a gift for your guests! Create custom labels for the container or add a pop of color in there.  It’s also a benefit that this grand exit has virtually NO cleanup!

Smoke Bombs

One of the biggest grand exit trends coming our way in 2019, is the smoke bomb, how awesome is that! While they are best done while it is still light outside, with the right photographer and lighting tools they can look pretty awesome at night too! Design them after your wedding colors, have one color for the groom and one for the bride, or have the whole dang rainbow smoke you out. The fun part about these exits is that you get to shape it to your style!

Worried about all of your guests being gone by the time your grand exit is here? You can always do a “mock” exit! This is where you go through the motions of a grand exit in order to capture the photos before people start taking off and then jump right back into dancing and having fun!

Another idea, have a grand exit out of the ceremony! This can be done with flower petals, ribbon wands, or pom sticks. It is super fun and makes it easy to capture a grand exit photo without the hassle!

Grand exit

Exit Vehicles

Now that we are at the end of the tunnel, literally, what’s next? A horse-drawn carriage, Oldsmobile, air balloon? Whatever you want, that’s what! Some of our favorite grand exits here at the Estate are accompanied by a killer exit vehicle. We really loved the incorporation of this old school Chevy Impala SS getaway car!

Grand exit

Don’t forget to talk to your venue before deciding on a grand exit. Each venue is going to have different dos and dont’s with sparklers, confetti, and rice! Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and create experiences you and your fiance are going to love and enjoy!

Call us today, 509-466-0667, to talk to one of our event coordinator and all of the fun ideas we can bring to life for your grand exit!