How To Use Light in Your Wedding


Adding light to your ceremony and reception decorations is an easy way to create the perfect atmosphere you desire for your wedding. Depending on how use use light, you can create any type of atmosphere from fun to romantic. Light can be used in many different ways to fit any theme or style.  There are multiple options for what kind of lighting you and your fiance would like to use. Items such as lamps with regular light bulbs, string lights, battery operated fairy lights, battery operated or LED candles and tea lights, real flame candles, and diffused lights are great options. Commellini Estate offers majority of these options and can surely work with the other lighted decorations you bring. Can’t think of any ideas? We came up with some and also pulled some examples from how a few of our past couples used light in their wedding here at the Estate.

Light Up Your Centerpieces

One of the easiest ways to add light to your reception is your tablescapes. Commellini Estate has three styles for dinner service, these include family style, buffet, and plated. Family style requires some space on the table because the food is served in large dishes and shared among the entire table. So, if the centerpiece is too large, it could make this service style a bit difficult. However, buffet and plated service does not require much extra table space, so the centerpiece details can cover more of the table. An idea to incorporate light into the centerpieces could be to pack battery operated fairy lights inside a vase, mason jar, lantern, or other container and use other aspects like floral arrangements to complete the look. Another beautiful option is lighting a water filled vase from below. This can be done by setting the vase on a clear stand with a battery operated light underneath the vase. There is also the possibility of a waterproof LED light that can be submerged in the vase.

Make the Head Table Extra Special

All eyes are one the happy couple after the ceremony, so make the head table extra special by adding string lights on the front of the table under a light colored table cloth. For this specifically, white table cloths work best or maybe a sheer voile or organza overlay, or similar slightly see-through fabric to diffuse the lights. Another idea is to make a backdrop wall drenched in light using a pipe and drape concept. You can make this out of PVC and couple layers of sheer voile curtains. Then, attach string lights to the back to create a gorgeous accent wall to sit behind your head table and provide beautiful back-lighting for you and your wedding party.

Create a Radiant, Lighted Aisleway

Brighten your steps down the aisle by adding light to the sides. One way this can be done is by using candles to line the pathway. Different heights of candles will add dimension to this design. Placing decorative lanterns along the edge of the aisle, with either candles or battery operated string lights inside, is a very popular design. You can then add your own touch and more dimension to both these designs by adding flowers or even sparkly fabric to incorporate with the light as well. Sparkles will reflect the light a bit and make it look even brighter.

Light Up the End of the Aisle

So maybe you light up the aisle way, but now you can add even more of that design or a complimenting one at the end of the aisle. This is where you are going to meet your fiance for the last time before you are newly weds. It is the focal point that the aisle leads to. Some quick advice is to double check that your photographer can photograph light well, or work with him to design something he can do otherwise. If he is good with anything you design then do not be afraid to go all out! This is your spot and one of the most popular photo opportunities to catch (the kiss) so you want it to be amazing. Ideas for this could be a back-light opportunity using the idea mentioned before of PVC and voile draped with lights raining down. Then during flip-time between ceremony and reception, move it to the location of the head table. Another idea would be wrapping string lights around the arch or altar you are using and adding other details like floral arrangements and some candles in vases on the ground or on pedestals.

Accent Lights for the Perfect Vibe

Background light is a great detail to add to wedding decor to help set the atmosphere and mood for the theme. Making your lights brighter or having more light might keep people more energized and ready to party, colored lights in the reception may give it a very fun vibe, and having soft, dim light can create a more romantic atmosphere. It is amazing  just how different the setting looks when adding light into the background or just accenting something. The fountain in the pond at Commellini Estate lights up the water and it is just beautiful!

tree light fountain light

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