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It is a genuine pleasure anytime we have one of the most talented Spokane wedding DJ companies, Complete Music, come to the Estate. Complete Music is ready to help make your event special with services including DJing, photography, videography, photo booths and event lighting. Christian Rosenau, owner of Complete Weddings + Events, Spokane, has truly made a mark on the entertainment and event industry in Spokane. He has gathered a team of great people who know how to make your event fun and lively. Read Christian’s expert tips on how to make your wedding a hit!

Where does your passion for DJing come from?

I am truly excited to help make people’s day…and not just any day, their big day! Just to see it all come together for the couple is such a blessing. Even when my staff is out instead of me, I like to come by and see if I can help. I am honored to be a part of such a joyful occasion. My favorite events are those that we capture the video as well. It’s always fun to see it again!

Is it helpful for guests/couple to provide you with a list of songs, or give you a general idea of what they want?

In a typical reception time, you’ll only get through about 60 to 70 songs. It’s nice when the couple has picked out their songs for the formalities. It’s also nice to get an idea of a few artists or songs they like, but to leave room for their guests to make requests. You can even provide us with a “do not play” list in case your guests have some questionable taste!

How many times should a couple meet with their DJ before the wedding?

Our clients have access to our exclusive online planning tools – which is especially handy for our out of town clients. They should at least meet the week of the wedding to finalize all the plans. But we encourage our clients to reach out anytime they have any questions or need anything at all! We’re in the office full time to help with any referrals, questions, planning – or just to call to say hi!

How far in advance should a DJ be booked?

Definitely a year in advance for any wedding dates mid-April through mid-October. For November through March, I would give it at least 6 months so as not to stress yourself out trying to plan everything so quickly.Complete Music Portico

Any personal recommendations or fun songs that are always a hit at weddings?

This often is a matter of the crowd’s preference. For example, if they’re really into country, Cotton Eyed Joe is a dance floor magnet! For a good multi-generational dance floor hit would be Celebration.

What are come classic first dance songs?

This always depends on the couple, though on their wedding day, I’m sure they’d still look deep into their partner’s eyes and dance sweetly if we played heavy metal (we really have had weddings where this was requested!). But a good classic would be Unchained Melody.

Anything else you would like to include?

Our DJs, Videographers, Photographers and Photo Booth Operators all enjoy working together to make and capture our clients’ special day.

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