Mother’s Day 2015 in Review:

Last month we did a poll to determine the best way to serve your Mother’s Day Brunch Weekend. We had over 200+ people vote and/or comment on both or FB page and on our website. The results concluded that more than 80% of you voted for Brunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Therefore Commellini Estate is officially announcing its first ever Mother’s Day weekend Brunch on both Saturday May 9 and Sunday May 10. Reservations are available from 10:00 AM 2:30 PM. Thank you all for voting!

We then met with our team of chefs to come up with the perfect brunch menu featuring Commellini Estate signature Italian style. We are very much looking forward to serving the following menu in honor of all of our magnificent Mothers:

Special Bellini for Mom 

Those hardworking moms deserve to start off this day of appreciation with a treat and therefore will receive a Bellini of their choosing to start the meal from the Commellini Family

First Course:

Nonna’s Zeppoles
Our Italian donuts are fried golden sprinkled with sugar and served with red wine syrup, salted caramel, and chocolate espresso dipping sauces

Second Course:

Citrus Fennel Salad
Orange, grapefruit, and shaved fennel bulbs served in a light citrus basil dressing and topped with toasted almonds

Third Course:

Homemade Italian sausage, mushrooms, spinach, onion, garlic, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese frittata served with roasted organic potatoes

Four Course:

Pane Al Forno
Commellini Estate’s style French Toast with an espresso whipped cream, toasted walnut, pancetta and maple syrup


Italian Sausage $4.00
Scones & Jam $4.00
Additional Donuts $7.00

Kid Alternative Menu:
*For children under 10 years of age*
Nonna’s  Zeppoles
Assorted Fruit
Bambini Pane Al Forno: French Toast with maple syrup and butter

Mother’s Day Brunch Specialty Drinks: 

Build your Own Bloody Mary $8.00
Choose Your Heat: Light / Medium / Spicy
Garnishes (Choose 3): Pancetta / Prosciutto / Genoa Salami / Pickled Asparagus / Olives / Cucumber / Cherry Tomato / Celery

Moscato Bellini $8.00
Choice of: Traditional Peach, Strawberry, or Blueberry
*Each puree is made onsite using the freshest fruit. Please note you can sub Champagne for an exceptional Mimosa

Café Correcto $8.00
Coffee, Frangelico, & Vanilla Vodka

*Full Bar options will also be available at standard bar pricing
*Special Note: This is also Graduation weekend for many local schools and we would love to celebrate your graduate. Reservations can be made for any size party.
*Reservations of 6+ require a credit card on file

Call 509-466-0667 to make your Mother’s Day Brunch Weekend Reservations