Nicole and Wes met online and got married at Commellini Estate during the fall.  Nicole is from Odessa and Wesley grew up in Mattawa….both here in WA and only 1.5 hours from each other. Nicole wore a vintage wedding dress and handmade headpiece by her aunt & cousin. They used a romantic color palate and had personal touches throughout the entire day.  Guests enjoyed a live band while dancing under the stars.

Get to Know Nicole + Wes

Occupations? Wesley is a Mill Wright and Nicole is a Registered Nurse completing her Nurse Practitioner at Gonzaga. How you met? Hometowns?  Nicole is from Odessa and Wesley grew up in Mattawa….both here in WA and only 1.5 hours from each other!  Proposal in brief? Woke up at 3 am to meet the bus that took us to the top of the volcano Haleakala on Maui.  As the sun was rising he asked me to marry him with a beautiful handmade ring from Italy (our favorite place!)  Then we rode bicycles down the volcano! Favorite ceremony moment? We wrote our own vows which remain our favorite moment.  Surprise elements? We had beautiful to go boxes of food packaged by Comemellinis since we were so busy the entire night.  It was extra thoughtful! Wedding theme? Didn’t have one but would say now probably “book of dreams.”  Picked things that were meaningful to us.  Springsteen records, Vintage motorcycle boots, unique flower, a taste of Italy. Number of Guests? 65 Wedding day weather? Raining up until the ceremony  Advice to other couples? Relax and give away as much responsibilities as you can.  This makes the day so much fun!  Save your money for the honeymoon! Special elements? We had hand drawn and designed wedding invitations made by my cousin.  She and my aunt also made my beautiful head piece.  We used my husband grandpa’s old motorcycle boots as flower holders. We also used non traditional flowers like protea. The groom wrote a piece about how we meet which was beautiful. Day in three words? Best day EVER