When it comes to holiday parties, a Winter Wonderland theme will always be satisfying. The idea is timeless with some snow, holiday tunes, and warm delicious food! At Commellini Estate, we love celebrating with you, and it is the perfect destination to have a festive occasion and watch the snowflakes fall!


Maybe you want a staff only corporate party, or a spouse included soiree. Either way, there are lots of options when it comes to entertaining.

Here are some ideas: 

  • A live band
  • Company gift exchange
  • Employee Awards
  • Holiday Mad Libs


Decoration will make your holiday theme stick out and Commellini Estate has you covered! During the holiday season, the Estate is transformed and is a sight to see in the fresh snow. We set up three beautiful Christmas trees and poinsettias throughout the venue.

Winter Wonderland means snowflakes, frosted twigs, and white, white, white! Also, sparkles tend to illuminate any space and will mimic the snow outside.

Some other decoration ideas:

Ice Sculptures, Garland with frosted tips, Pinecones for name cards, White/Blue Candles

Food and Drink

For a Winter Wonderland holiday party, food and drink will be very important. If you want to stick closely with the theme try a snowflake holiday cookie! If you want to be more lenient, go with a plethora of holiday deserts. And when it comes to drinks, classic hot cocoa or a hot cider are great options!