Discover how to make classic, Roman-style pizza completely from scratch, with Executive Chef, Blake Caldwell. Roman pizza is the ultimate street food in Italy. Many people are familiar with Pizza Napoletana, which is a method for making wood fired pizzas that originated in Italy and is now found in pizza shops around the world. Roman pizza however, is rectangular, generally has a thicker crust and is sold by the slice (known as “Pizza al Taglio”) in most instances. In this hands-on, three-course class, you will learn how to make pizza like the Romans.

This class culminates in a delicious meal, served family-style inside the historic Commellini Estate’s Main Venue. The class, including mealtime, takes approximately 3 hours.



Caesar Salad

romaine | housemade croutons | Parmesan

Commellini Roman-Style Pizza (created in class)

With your choice of Commellini housemade toppings:

Topping Options: artichoke hearts | olives | salami | olive oil | grilled chicken | roasted garlic |marinated cherry tomatoes | sweet & sour peppers | onion | basil | mozzarella | parmesan


traditional Italian ice cream

What To Expect:

In this class hand on cooking class, you will be getting your hands dirty in the kitchen at the Estate, learning how to make the classic Roman Pizza. Class culminates in a delicious meal, inside the historic Commellini Estate’s Main Venue.

  • Beverages are not included, although they will be available for purchase.
  • Full Dinner
  • Learn skills for a lifetime of great cooking
  • Work side-by-side with others to prepare Roman Style Pizza
  • Interact with classmates and the instructor for a rich learning experience
  • The class, including meal time, takes approximately 3 to 3 1/2 hours.
  • Each participant will receive a recipe card to take home.
  • Commellini Estate will provide all the kitchen equipment and supplies.
  • Classes requires standing for 1- 2 hours – if this difficult let us know so we can assist with accommodations