As 2017 quickly approaches, our professionals at Commellini Estate are reflecting on the best and the worst wedding trends this past season had brought us. If you’re getting married this year, your planning is likely under- way, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite trends from 2016 along with other trends likely to make an appearance in 2017.

Props & Photo booths

One of our favorite trends we saw emerge in 2016 was the use of props and photo booths at weddings and receptions. As Brides and Grooms continue to find new ways to make their big- day unique, the use of sentimental mementos and charming signs have allowed couples to incorporate their special touch. Additionally, photo booths and the newer video booths have added an element to weddings and receptions that allow the couple to engage with their guests in a brand new, personal and fun way.

 Little Sweethearts


Left: Jenice Baker Photography    Right: Ana Laura Photography

Although this is certainly not a new tradition, incorporating children, friends and even pets into your wedding day reemerged in 2016, and we don’t see this trend fading out for awhile. Although occasionally a temper- tantrum or accident may occur, the unpredictability adds an element of surprise not just for the guests, but for the Bride and the Groom as well.


 Naked Cakes and Distinct Desserts

In 2016, we saw Brides and Grooms display their own personal flare through the use of delectable, but distinct desserts that left a standing impression on their guests. From doughnuts to cupcakes to their take on a traditional three- tiered cake, Brides and Grooms set no limits on what was acceptable on the dessert menu. In 2017, make sure to keep your eyes out for Naked Cakes and hand- held desserts that look just as good as they taste.


 First Looks


Matt Shumate Photography

Like the use of Naked Cakes and other desserts, First Looks are becoming the popular choice for Brides and Grooms on their wedding day in 2017, and for good reason. Although there are certainly benefits to the No- Look tradition, a First Look allows for the couple to share a personal, intimate moment alone in a location of their choice. This enables the couple to have some privacy from the audience, and helps the photographers to get the correct frame and angles that will produce forever- lasting memories.

 Rustic Chic Decor

If you thought you’d seen your share of rustic- themed weddings in 2016, just wait until the 2017 wedding season. No longer will you have to be on a farm to achieve the rustic feel, as we’ve seen homespun barn weddings and receptions become extremely popular that feature a variety of nature- inspired decor. From cowboy boots to wildflowers, there are many ways to seamlessly feature your favorite rustic details through out your event space. At Commellini Estate, our La Capanna venue perfectly suits the rustic theme and is ideal for an intimate ceremony and/or reception.


Left: Desiree Seghetti    Right: Anna Hopkins Photography