Rehearsal Dinner Venues: How to Plan!

Rehearsal dinners at Commellini Estate are surrounded by lush greenery and draped in bistro lighting making it the ideal location. With our all-inclusive packages, authentic Italian meals, and hands-on planning,we take the stress out of planning your rehearsal dinner. You might be fully focused on wedding planning now, but when the time comes we have provided a list of  helpful reminders, how-to’s, and what to do’s!

What to Know 

  1. Rehearsal dinners are traditionally held the night before your wedding, but if that isn’t you, then throw tradition to the wind! If you want to host the rehearsal dinner a few days beforehand, do it! It can alleviate stress the day before your wedding and allow for a more relaxing prep day before you say those “I do’s”! Do you have a few important guests flying in late on the evening before your wedding? A classic brunch and bubbly breakfast is a wonderful alternative and it is completely okay to skip the traditional dinner meal.

  2. The rehearsal dinner is a great way for your two families to spend time in a stress-free environment before the wedding. It is an opportunity to relieve tensions and introduce people who might not have met yet.

  3. Who do you invite?  At the very least your  bridal party members and immediate family. It can also be a great event to invite out of towners as well, especially if the rehearsal dinner is set for the night before!

  4. Traditionally, the groom’s parents host and organize the rehearsal dinner. It is a wonderful way to get the groom’s parents involved in the wedding planning without having them neck deep in wedding day details!

  5. As soon as you know what your doing for your rehearsal dinner, you should get those invitations out! Why you ask?  So traveling guests that are invited can arrange for proper transportation. Depending on how formal or casual your rehearsal dinner is, you can determine if you should send a formal invitation or a more casual online invitation.

  6. Decide how hands on you want to be, in the execution of your rehearsal dinner. If you don’t want to worry about decorating, organizing caterers, or planning the little details, then an all-inclusive venue location might be the best fit for you. Know how much involvement and planning you want to do and select your venue with that in mind.

What to Do

  1. Speeches! This is a great opportunity to open the floor for those extra fun family speeches and toasts.

  2. Games are good! They get people talking and interacting in a casual and natural way. Whether they are group games or yard games, adding that interactive element can be so beneficial in creating a relaxing environment.

  3. Include a Welcome Party! Start with a small rehearsal dinner with your core group, then invite additional friends, family, and out of town guests to join you (about 1.5 hours later than actual dinner) for a larger Welcome Party/ Cocktail Party and serve light hors d’oeuvres and finger foods.

  4. Bridal party gifts. Planning on giving your bridal party members a gift? The rehearsal dinner is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation before the madness of your wedding day.

Alyssa Hiner Photography

Wearing matching silk robes while you get ready is never a bad idea!

Hannah Victoria Photography

You know what else isn’t a bad idea? Matching socks! It not only makes for a super awesome photo opportunity, but it is a way your guys can express their personalities!

How to Make it Happen 

Whatever direction you decide to go with for your rehearsal dinner, here is how you make it happen:

  1. Check to see if your venue is available for rehearsal dinners as well! If everything can take place in one spot, why worry about the travel?

  2. Decide how hands on and what kind of setting you want to have, then start planning!

  3. If you decide to go with a venue to make your life easier, book that date as soon as possible (especially when it’s in the middle of wedding season)!

  4. Be ready to have those tough money conversations with your parents or grooms parents, if they are assisting or paying for the rehearsal dinner.

  5. When those invitations go out, don’t forget to ask about dietary restrictions, allergies, etc.

If you are planning your Spokane rehearsal dinner and want the proccess to be stress-free, call one of our event coordinators today, 509-466-0667!