Their Story

Chandra & Neil, both Spokane, WA natives, got married at Commellini Estate this past September. They used a Rustic Romantic Wedding palette with blush, red, light green and gray. Being that it is December and the holidays are fast approaching, we just LOVE the way Neil popped the question. Back on Christmas in 2015, he surprised Chandra and hid the ring under the tree skirt.  Take a peek below for a glimpse of this stunning day! Photos courtesy  Courtney Ranck-Copher Photography

How they met:

We met at a spokane Chiefs hockey game.


Chandra is an operations assistant manager and Neil is a lead painter for a small company in Spokane

Day in three words:

Celebration, Love & Laughter 

First Look

First Impressions:

We were both really shy at first but liked talking to each other. Chandra loved Neil’s eyes and Neil liked Chandra’s smile and laugh. We were friends for over a year before we started dating officially.

First Date: 

Neil asked me to dinner and said he wanted to take me somewhere that had amazing Italian food. When he turned down Dartford Road, I knew he was headed to Commelinnis and I was so excited because I had never eaten there. Unfortunately they were closed for remodel but nearly 10 years later we finally got our amazing Italian dinner at our wedding.

First Dance Song:

Come To Me by the Goo Goo Dolls

Bridal Party

Wedding Desserts:

Carrot cake and white with strawberry filling. Chandra couldn’t pick between two cake toppers so we just did both! It captured our hockey life and our life with our 2 Danes.


We rented all the suits and bought all the dresses for our wedding party. We planned this early on and didn’t want our party to stress about the financial burden of what we were asking of them.

Wedding Theme & Colors:

Romantic and Rustic  with blush, red, light green and gray


Wedding time:

4:00 PM in the Afternoon

Number of Guests:

100 of our closest friends and family

Wedding day weather: 

Sunny and 70’s, it was perfect.

Favorite Ceremony Moment: 

All of it, we couldn’t pick one moment to be honest over another one.


Favorite Reception moment:

Dancing to our first song and the cake cutting.

Surprise Elements:

A rose ceremony honoring our mothers who have supported and loved us our whole lives. We made them cry, which made us smile and laugh.

Nontraditional or Traditional Elements?

Mostly non traditional elements. We did a love lock ceremony that captured a sweet quote and Neil’s love of trains (we used an old train car lock). It was something we really enjoyed and had never seen it done before. I also chose no veil and a more blush colored dress. 

Advice to other couples: 

You can’t slow the day down so savor every moment with each other. Invest in a good photographer. And lastly, take the food they offer you to the hotel that night. We didn’t think we were hungry until we got to the hotel. 


We went to Orcas Island and rented a beautiful VRBO house with breathtaking views. It had no TV or reliable cell service so we unplugged and really enjoyed each other. We also went whale watching, kayaking and hiking. It was absolutely amazing and a week that we will never forget.